Challenges That May Be Faced By Graduates In Getting Government Jobs

Any time we think of life after your first degree, most of us think of finding a good job. Government jobs are greatly coveted by graduates, as they are known to provide stability as well as good pay to employees. Government employees seem to really enjoy their jobs, hence many people desire to be in their shoes. However, government jobs for graduates are hard to come by nowadays. The increasing number of jobless graduates in the country proves this today. There are a number of challenges university graduates face in getting government jobs. They include the following:

· Extreme competition

Many graduates may fail to get government jobs due to extremely high competition amongst themselves. This occurs especially when many of them focus on getting a particular job or position.

· Lack of working experience

Lack of working experience may also be a factor contributing to unemployment among graduates. Many employers may fail to employ these graduates as they feel that they cannot fully perform their job as they are only doing it for the first time.

· Unfairness in job interview process

A lack of transparency in the job interview process may also lead to qualified graduates failing to get their dream government job. This is because other less qualified people may end up getting that particular job due to use of connections among other unethical things AJK Govt Jobs .

· Laxity among graduates

Graduates may also fail to be employed by the government due to their own faults. Some graduates may want jobs that; do not require much labor; do not need their exposure to particular environments; have high social status and high salaries. They presume that with their educational achievements, they deserve a white-collar job at the very least. This leads them to reject any unsatisfactory job offer that they get, opting to wait for their dream job.

· Lapse in the education system

The education system may also contribute to the unemployment saga among graduates. This is because many employers complain that most graduates lack the necessary skills to meet the labor market demands. This may be because some of the graduates cannot make full use of what they learnt in school or what they learnt in school is useless in their jobs.

· Crumbling business confidence

Many small, medium-sized and large government enterprises may face out and in turn show signs of shrinking over time due to various reasons. This will make them reluctant in hiring new employees, especially graduates.